[ad#mseoptinpagewpic]Have you tried doing mini exercises during your normal work day? Many have found it to be fun to look for opportunities to squeeze in some quick exercises during the day. Here are 5 tips for you to consider adding in to your normal routine:

Parking Your Car: What if you parked your car at the far end of the parking lot? That way it will be safe from scratches and dings and you will have the opportunity to get in a good brisk walk from your car to the office.

Install A Chin Up Bar: If you put up a chin up bar in a doorway you pass through frequently, it will give you the opportunity to grab a few chin ups as you pass through. Remember even small amount of exercise will add up and give you healthy rewards.

Stretch Every Chance You Get: As you are sitting and working at your desk you can stretch your back, your legs, or your arms. As you are reading emails you could stand up instead of sitting down. When you get a phone call on your cell phone you could walk down the hall instead of sitting at your desk. There are a lot of ways you can get creative to stretch.

Equipment To Use While TV Watching: You could get yourself a spongy ball to squeeze in your hand(s). You could get some resistance bars for between your legs to exercise your thighs. Visit your local sports store, and I am sure you will find many creative devices and gadgets that can help you.

While Driving?: Safety First Always, but if you are stopped at a light, you can do shoulder rolls, a couple of head rolls or stretch your arms out in front of you.  You can also squeeze a spongy ball, and keep it stored in your car.

Hopefully these additional 5 tips will help you see how you can maximize your exercise experiences during your normal day. As you start incorporating them into your daily life you will undoubtedly come up with even more ideas, tips and tricks you can use.

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[ad#mseoptinpagewpic]Have you ever considered turning your regular daily schedule into a type of exercise routine? These are small steps that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Here are the 5 tips that you should consider putting into your daily routine. You can add more; this is just to give you a basic idea.

Tip 1: Avoid the Elevator

Instead of riding the up elevator at work, use the stairs. This extra effort will add to your workout. Although it seems like something trivial, it will still do wonders for your health in the long run. It doesn’t mean that you need to torture yourself. For instance, if your office is up on the 130th floor, you can take the elevator till the 125th floor and then take the stairs from there onwards to your office. This first tip will not be easy to start with, but with practice you will get used to it and soon you will be gliding up the stairs, rather than crawling.

Tip 2: Offer to Get Lunch for Others

Another chance to take a break from the constant sitting down in the office is by offering to go out and pick up lunch for your colleagues. This will give you a chance to get some fresh air as well as a walk. If you want to increase the aerobic aspect, you can also swing your arms as you briskly walk to get lunch.

Tip 3: On the Bus, Subway or Train

Consider standing on the bus or train instead of sitting. It is a minor change, but you will burn a few more calories standing instead of sitting. Every calorie you burn adds up. You can even do the calf work out while standing. It is a simple workout – just raise yourself on the tip of your toes by holding the strap or the bar with your hands.

Tip 4: Shorter Ride

Consider cutting your commute short. Get off at the stop before your usual one, and walk the rest of the way. Not only will you get additional exercise, you may also meet some interesting people along the way.

Tip 5: More Walking at the Office

Instead of calling a colleague on the phone who just sits just a few offices down, get up and walk over. Don’t sit in your chair all day. Periodically stand up to stretch or do squats. Make a game of it and see how long you can hold that position. This is a good and quick work out for your legs and your back.

These are 5 basic tips to get you started. Go out and use your creativity and see how many more you can come up with. Remember that every movement you make will help your muscles, and your health.

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There are no diets that can stop you from gaining weight. Most are only fads, and instead of giving you the results you hoped and worked for, they leave you frustrated and sometimes feeling hopeless. Well, worry no more. Here are 7 effective actions towards a healthier, sexier you!

Sleep Well, Live Well: according to research, people who sleep just 4 hours at night have a slower metabolic rate than those who sleep 8 hours. Also, the former resort to overeating since they feel like eating will cover up the lack of sleep. You must have enough sleep for you to feel revived when the alarm rings.

Sweaty Evenings: recent studies tell us that our metabolism tends to slow down late in the afternoon or at the end of the day. In order for you to burn more calories, it’s wise to do a walk in the evening after dinner, or other exercises that allow you to sweat it out and burn calories. Don’t work out within three hours of sleeping, or you won’t.

Don’t Be A Drag: move more. As you move more, you burn more calories. Instead of taking a drive to someplace close by, riding your bike or walking is a better choice. You must gradually make minor lifestyle changes. These are just so minor that you will not have a hard time. Some additional ways to move more are taking the stairs instead of the elevator, gardening instead of TV watching, or walking the dog instead of playing a computer game.

Eat More Proteins: studies show that protein intake stabilizes the amount of insulin in the bloodstream. Have a handful of nuts instead of a candy bar on your morning break, or some hummus on whole grain crackers. It is highly-beneficial for you.

Skipping Meals Is Skipping Life: when you suddenly stop eating regularly, it throws your metabolism into starvation mode. That means your body thinks it’s going to die, and it holds onto any energy source it can, even fat, to stay alive. You won’t be able to hide that you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. The key is to be in balance in all things, so eat small meals 4-6 times a day.

Get Sweaty, Part 2: cardio exercise does not directly result in a better metabolism (except temporarily), but it leads to better and deeper sleep. Good sleep increases metabolism.

Grow Muscles: strength training grows muscles. Learn how to lift weights properly and let your metabolism speed up effortlessly.

Seven moves toward your goal of having a better life and being healthier and sexier!

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