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4 Easy Health & Fitness Tips

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How are you dealing with your health? Is it a top priority for you? Or are you too busy bringing home the pay check? You plan to make up for those 65 years of not exercising during your retirement, which may not come. The way things are going the retirement age may shift from 65 to 70 or higher. What is your physical condition these days? Are you fit as a fiddle, a little plump around the mid section, or are you in the same category as more than 50% of our population is – obese?

The American Medical Association is saying we are facing an obesity epidemic right now. To top that off we have every drug company out there selling every type of quick weigh loss pill, powder, lotion, and salve – you name it and they are selling it. And you know what – people are buying it. People actually believe that if they pop a pill for thirty days they will lose all their fat and it will stay off forever.

I wish it were that simple, but the truth is, it is not. However, these drug companies are making a fortune selling the quick, easy fix. A counterpart to the drug companies is the diet industry, which offers so many different diets that it is hard to keep track of them at the rate they are coming out.

Both these industries are preying on the pain and angst of the consumer. They have truly found a hungry market, (sorry for the play on words), and are doing everything they can to make as much profit as they possibly can. What we really need is some good old fashioned common sense.

People need to be told the truth, and they need to be given right tools to help them get what they are looking for. Here is the truth, in simple terms – no fluff, no hype, no sales pitch – just the plain honest facts:

  • Drink more water: Get good quality water and drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day. That is probably about a gallon for most of us. The water will help flush out the toxins in your body and will keep you hydrated. I saw a dietician recently who recommended 100 ounces of water a day for everyone, because most of us are chronically dehydrated.
  • Eat smaller but more frequent meals: It is true that to lose weight we need to eat fewer calories than what we burn. At the same time we need to get our metabolism revved up, so it helps to eat 4-6 times a day, in much smaller portions, of course. Breakfast also helps get your metabolism moving, which is the reason it’s called the most important meal of the day. If you can’t stop for breakfast, then at least grab a piece of fruit and a food bar as you head out. Also, stop eating the ‘white’ foods: white sugar, flour, pasta and rice. They have no nutritional value.
  • Get your body moving: Exercise is mandatory. Make it a habit and start – NOW. Do everything you can along the way to get your body moving. Walk up those stairs and never use the elevator. Take your pet dog (or your neighbors) for a walk every day. Find other fun ways to move, but in the end you burn calories. The best way to lose weight is not just to eat less, or exercise more, but to do both at the same time. That is the key to permanent weight loss.
  • Find your “Why”: When you have a big enough WHY you will accomplish whatever you want. In high school I was a few pounds overweight and I got nicknamed the “bottomless pit”. I didn’t want to hear that anymore, so the next year I dropped from 185 to 150. I had my motivation, and I did it.

Incorporate these simple tips, one at a time and watch your health improve!

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We have all been made aware of not only how essential water is to life on earth, but also to our bodies. Water hydrates our cells, which allows by products to be released and eliminated, this in turn keeps our body clean and keeps us healthy. Your body would break down in a matter of days if you didn’t drink water.

So if you are someone who has good intentions about drinking more water, but doesn’t quite reach them, here are some quick and easy ways to drink more water:

1. Use “Green” Water Bottles: Plastic water bottles are a huge problem due to the manufacturing process, shipping and the type of plastic they are made from. I just watched a YouTube video showing an island in the Pacific twice the size of Texas made up exclusively of plastic trash. The sad thing is that the island is growing. Instead of using plastic bottles, buy several metal water bottles, and keep them filled and waiting for you in your fridge. You will help yourself and the environment at the same time.

2. Always Have Water Ready and Available: Have a glass pitcher of cold water waiting in your fridge. Get used to carrying water to work from home. Get some type of water purifier and make your own water to take with you.

3. If I’m getting ready to run errands, I’ll bring one of my thermos bottles with me. While I watch TV or movies at home, I hold my thermos in my hand. I will keep it open, and sip constantly until it is empty. If water is easily accessible, then you will find yourself drinking more of it.

4. Keep Your Water Cold: If your water is cold and refreshing, you are likely to drink more of it. Make sure ice is always ready in your freezer. Another plus to drinking cold water is that it takes more calories to heat the water up to body temperature to process it.

5. Drink Water When Dining Out: Ask for water with a slice of lemon when you are eating out. It takes 30+ glasses of water to neutralize one glass of soda due to the high sugar content. And yes the cravings for pop will cease after a time.

Keep looking for ways to increase your water intake. Your body and the planet will thank you.

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7 Powerful Tips to Better Sleep

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Most people have experienced a restless night with less than optimal sleep. But many people have complications when trying to fall asleep at night. Instead of falling into deeper and deeper sleep, they flail around in bed just wishing to fall asleep, even for a little while.

The end result the next morning is someone who may literally fall asleep on the job, or even more frighteningly, behind the wheel of their car. Lack of restful sleep also results in excess stress on the body and at home.

Here are 7 tips that may help you achieve that deep, restful night’s sleep you desire:

  1. Bedroom Temperature: A cooler bedroom leads to better sleep. The actual temperature depends on the season of the year and your location, but 65* is a good rule of thumb. Science has shown that your body is better able to relax at those temps.
  2. Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine: Not only is caffeine not metabolized quickly or efficiently enough in the PM hours, it seems that its effects last longer than people expect. The outcome is predictable: restless sleep. Make it a habit to not consume caffeine after 6:00PM.
  3. Skip Alcohol Entirely: Alcoholic beverages keep your body from reaching the deeper, restful sleep stages where your body rejuvenates itself, regardless of when you drank. Alcohol causes light sleep or an inability to fall asleep.
  4. Use Beds Only For Sleeping: Watching TV, reading or even working in bed will make it more difficult to relax. Deep, healing sleep necessitates that your brain and body unwind slowly. Too much light and noise will keep your mind and body on alert, which will cause sleeping problems.
  5. Go To Bed At A Regular Time: Setting and sticking to a regular bedtime will get your body ready for sleep much easier. Use the half hour before bedtime to wind down by drinking chamomile tea and reading something calming.
  6. Turn The Alarm Clock Around: Having a view of your clock can create anxiety about needing to sleep, but not being able to – again! This anxiety can make your sleeplessness even worse. Move the alarm clock into your closet or the hallway to improve your night’s sleep.
  7. Darken Your Bedroom: Make sure that the windows are covered with room darkening shades or curtains. Turn all the lights off, even night lights. If you need a night light, put it in your bathroom or down the hallway.

Try one suggestion, or try them all. Just know that a good night’s sleep is an absolute necessity, and you deserve that.  Here’s to you being alert and well rested tomorrow!

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