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[ad#mseoptinpagewpic]Weight training has become very popular since the benefits of strength training became known. Many people start lifting not just to gain muscle strength, but increase their muscle mass, lose weight, as a stress reliever and to help them relax. As more and more people have started working out the popularity has grown.

Some folks choose not to spend money on gym memberships or on buying those expensive weight machines. Instead they use a very simple technology that has been enlarged as sports equipment, the rubber band.

These rubber bands are called resistance bands, which are long and hollow elastic tubing used to provide tension during workout routines.  Resistance bands are inexpensive, easy to pack in your luggage and easier to use. They have a wide range of uses, from rehabilitation to strength training.

The resistance that the bands provide makes the workout movements feels more difficult, which helps build muscle faster. You can get an excellent workout from using the bands alone, so weights aren’t necessary. Because you can move faster with resistance bands, you also have the possibility of incorporating cardio into your workout.

Also, since they can provide resistance from multiple angles, large and small muscle groups are exercised. They are easily adapted to every sized and any sized body, and it is believed when muscles are properly stabilized it prevents injuries and allows for proper muscle development.

We know that strong core muscles are important. Here is a list of some of the benefits of using resistance bands or weights in your workout routines:

  • Decrease the possibility of injury – strong core muscles increase your balance and flexibility
  • Increase in bone density – which prevents osteoporosis
  • Increases your muscle-to-fat percentages – more muscles mean a higher metabolism
  • Faster metabolism – where more calories are burned even when you are resting
  • Improvements in sleep – your sleep becomes naturally deeper and more rejuvenating
  • Your daily tasks are completed more easily because you move easily and are stronger
  • Your self-esteem is stronger because you feel vibrant and healthy
  • Many chronic health challenges are more easily controlled, such as arthritis and diabetes
  • Bands are an excellent way for seniors to start building muscle since the tension adjustments can be made more comfortable for them
  • Your posture is improved as your core muscles strengthen
  • Body fat is reduced

Resistance bands are a fun, easy and effective way to train for everyone.

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Focus on Building Muscle, Not Losing Weight

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[ad#mseoptinpagewpic]For a long time I focused on losing weight, when I really should have been focused on building muscles. Muscle tissue helps burn fat. The more muscle you have, the faster and hotter your metabolism is, and the easier it is to keep fit. So focusing on building muscle is more important than trying to lose weight.  While it may be true that muscles weigh more than fat, having strong muscles is always better for your overall health.

When someone starts weight training they may find that they are gaining weight. While this may come as a surprise to them it is not something to be concerned with.  The main reason this is a good thing is because for every pound of muscle you build you increase your resting metabolic rate by about 2 percent. The bottom line here is that you end up burning more calories. We would all be better off thinking about gaining muscle instead of focusing on losing weight.

When you think about it, just a simple change in perspective can have a profound impact on the end result. Give this a try for yourself and see how it will work. It may seem minor and trivial, but often the little things can make a huge difference.

Now that you have changed your mental game, take a look at what you are doing with your body. The best way to build muscle is to do strength training, or weight lifting. If you mix up your exercise regime you won’t have to worry about bulking up.

Some people have the concern that if they lift weights they will look like a wrestler or a body builder. That’s not true. The main thing to keep in mind is that if you focus on repetitions (or reps), and not on hugely increasing the number of pounds you lift you will not build mass. Women can keep this in mind: use smaller weights, increase the repetitions and build strong muscles.

Decide what your end result will be, make a plan for yourself and begin your weight training. Plan a routine where you alternate weights every other day with some cardio, or some other type of exercise. Remember that when you start out you will achieve some fairly quick results, which will plateau over time.

Once your body gets used to the repetitions, the results will come slower. This is when you can increase the amount of the weights or try a new strength training routine.  It is important to know this going in so you don’t lose your motivation by thinking that your efforts are not working, even if hitting the plateau is true for all types of exercises.

Go now, get moving and start pumping for your great health.

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How to Create Your Own Metabolism

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[ad#mseoptinpagewpic]Many people blame a slow metabolism for their extra baggage of excess weight. The reality is our metabolic rate is largely in our control. We do not have to be the victim of our metabolism:  we can create it.

Nowhere is it truer than with our metabolism that knowledge is power. We are in control, whether we believe it or not. If we knew how our body worked, and then used that knowledge we could achieve our goals for both health and fitness. By learning how our body works we can realize our goals with much less frustration and disappointment.

My goal is to enlighten you relative to how our metabolism works, and how you can apply that knowledge to change your health and bodily appearance.

So how does your metabolism work? Put simply, metabolism is how fast your body burns through the food you eat. This varies with our age, physical activity and other factors.

One physical truth is that as we get older, our metabolism slows down. We really don’t need as many calories as when we were younger. We are not as active as we once were. There are fewer weekend touch football games, less kids to chase around – it’s more like sitting in front of the tube watching the game and raising the mug. Hint: Be aware of the quantity of food you are ingesting, especially those hidden calories in sodas, coffees, candy bars, donuts or beer.

One of the indicators of a speedy metabolic rate is the amount of muscle mass we have. This means that the more muscle we have the higher our metabolism is, because muscles are heavier and burn more energy, even while at rest. A sad fact of life is that through disuse, or as we age, our muscles atrophy. They lose their tone and shape. This fact is undeniable:  if you don’t use it – you lose it. The same hold true for muscles. Hint: It is never too late to start resistance or weight training. You can build muscles at any age.

The digestive process burns calories. We have been led to believe that by eating less we will weigh less. The reality is that this isn’t necessarily so. You may have heard of foods that will actually help you lose weight by eating them. We must be aware of what we eat and choose wisely. We need to eat quality (organic fruits and vegetables, humane and organic meats) more than we need quantity. By eating a healthy and balanced diet we will become healthier and increase our metabolism at the same time. Hint: Eating hot peppers can raise your metabolism for up to 3 hours.

Muscle means a faster metabolism, that’s the bottom line. If you want to get a revved up metabolism, and if you want to get healthier, then get those muscles in shape. One of the best ways to do that is with weight training, but you can try swimming laps or use resistance bands.

Now please keep in mind that while muscles can be built at any age, it is a good idea to check with your health care practitioner before you start a new exercise program. Then go and get your zippier metabolism!

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